Demons are finally here


It's very much about trying to tell a story without words. The name of this track comes from the challenges, Demons, that we're facing these days and the struggles that comes with it. But in the end, the good guys win. They have to win. This song was our way to cope with what we're going through and if Demons helps just a single person to elevate their mood, the weeks spent making it is all worth it.
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Gobsmacked released!


Friends! Almost two years has passed since our latest release. It's about time for a new track, don't you think? Here's som retro-oozing sounds in our latest release Gobsmacked!
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Escape released!


The Single Escape was just released.
This time the trance vibes are more vibrant and pumping than ever!
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Autumn Chill released!


The latest EP is a little softer than our usual material. Released just in time for Christmas.
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Zeitgeber released!


Zeitgeber is finally out!
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Zeitgeber Teaser


New EP released!


We are happy to introduce out new EP "Bits and Pieces" containing 3 brand new tracks

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